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Let's Start

1. Try our Coffee

We are #coffeelovers. We love it, and we are very happy sharing it with you. Our coffee, from Veracruz, is the essence of Boicot Cafe. The flavors and aroma of it keeps what we have always looked for. Expresso, Latte, in very creative ways... Try them!

And Don't Forget


But, please, don't forget to try our coldbrew. The classic, in a frappe, with Licour 43... We infuse the coffee in cold for 18 hours to be your perfect weapon to face the day. Energy, taste and stimulation all in one. What are you waiting for?

2. Eat


Not everything is black gold. We love eating, too. And we love eating well. We have the sweetest meals (brownies, nutella braid, cakes...) and the main meals: ciabattas, omelettes, and oriental tastes.